CMC Host Collaborative Meeting on Community Engagement Initiatives

by | May 17, 2024 | There's Life @ CMC

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CMC Host Collaborative Meeting on Community Engagement Initiatives

May 16, 2024~Central Mindanao Colleges (CMC) has called for a collaborative meeting organized by the Center for Social Action and the Office of Student Affairs and Services. This meeting aims to convene the CMC Graduating Class Officers and College/Departmental Intern Presidents to discuss and finalize key community engagement activities for the second semester of the Academic Year 2023-2024.

The primary objectives of this meeting are to finalize the Institutional Community Engagement Activity Design and to craft College/Departmental Community Engagement Activity Designs. These activities are designed to align with one of CMCโ€™s mission, providing meaningful and impactful experiences for the partner communities they serve.

The Center for Social Action plays an important role in this initiative by promoting social responsibility, community involvement, and civic engagement among students, ensuring that educational programs extend beyond the classroom to make a real-world impact.

The Office of Student Affairs and Services is actively supporting this initiative to promote leadership empowerment and development among students. With this initiative, involving students in the planning and execution of community engagement activities, the office aims to empower leadership and organizational skills. This collaborative effort highlights CMC’s commitment to nurturing student leaders who are prepared to contribute effectively to their communities and to promoting a culture of social responsibility and civic engagement.

We look forward to the valuable contributions from our student leaders and anticipate a productive session. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to strengthen community ties, create a bridge between our local partner communities and ensure that our educational efforts have a tangible and positive impact.


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