Scholarship Office

The Scholarship Office is the primary venue of the college to help undergraduate students reach the goal of graduation by providing sources of scholarships, grants and financial assistance services to academically qualified, under privileged, indigent but deserving students.​

The office coordinates with the different internal organizations, public agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education, private entities and individuals for provision of documentary requirements and its compliance, and other opportunities for the students. It publishes information on various scholarship grants and financial assistance available for the students.​

To date, we recognize externally funded scholarship programs such as:
• CHED Scholarship Programs
• The UniFAST – Tertiary Education Subsidy also known as the 4Ps or Listahan of the DSWD
• The StuFap – Tulong Dunong Program
• Congressional or the Provincial Scholarship Program
• And other Agencies

For the Academic Year 2021-2022, our priority scholarship or grant-in-aid programs subject for approval are:

• The KASAMA Student Assistant Program
• Academic Scholarship
• Collegiate Supreme Student Council
• Culture and the Arts Discount
• Sports, and
• Other grant-in-aid policies

For your inquiries and concerns, you may reach this office through its official Facebook page:
CMC Scholarship Office.

Scholarship Forms

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Welcome to Central Mindanao Colleges, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us by visiting this website. It contains many resources for you to learn about CMC.

“Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.” This famous quotation by John Dewey is, I believe, the most important reason we are all here at Central Mindanao Colleges. Ours is community-centered on our students’ excellence and success, providing exceptional experiences and connections to successful careers. Here you will find exceptional experiences that allow you to grow and develop, explore new interests, and fully realize your potential.

We provide you with holistic education to pursue global excellence, and career-ready graduates have always been central to our vision. Through a process that includes career exploration and professional preparation, we connect you with career paths and foster the skills and mindset needed for professional advancement. Our mission is to provide you with quality instruction, develop innovative research, and engage you in responsive extension programs committed to producing competent and socially responsible individuals who can carry out responsibilities for the local and global communities.[/one_half]

By becoming a CMCian means, you are part of a close-knit community, which we nurture the value of family orientation that will support you from day one and helps you achieve your vision of success. Learning in the new normal is truly challenging, but you will all be ready to face the world of work with God’s grace and assistance from all our teachers. You will find mentors in our faculty, staff and, through our campus’ rich social and cultural life, you will make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Here, you will find the guidance and support to do this. Whether you want to develop your leadership skills, explore your passion for the arts, serve our community, conduct your research, or pursue a career-defining internship.

And today, we convey its importance to you. All together, we can assist you in pursuing your educational goals and aspirations here at Central Mindanao Colleges.

When you walk across the stage as CMCian graduates at commencement, you will have more than just a degree from Central Mindanao Colleges. You will have career direction and the confidence needed for success in your chosen field.

As we move towards our 74th year, I welcome you all our dear students. We are so happy and proud that you have chosen CMC as your school of choice. With the new normal, we are engaged in flexible learning modalities. On behalf of management, we warmly welcome all our new students and loyal students to the college and formally induct and celebrate new students’ entry into higher education.

Stay with us at CMC, and I am very confident that you can surely face the world equipped with all the knowledge, skills, and values you have gained here when you graduate.

With best wishes with your LIFE here at CMC.