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Central Mindanao Colleges – thru its Research and Publication Office and in collaboration with the Graduate School Education Students, hosts its 2nd International Multidisciplinary Research Conference – Graduate School Category

In commemoration of the 74th Founding Anniversary of Central Mindanao Colleges, the Office of the Research and Publication (also known as the Research and Development Office) in collaboration with the Graduate School Education students, faculty and staff, successfully organized and conducted its Second International Multidisciplinary Research Conference on January 15-16, 2022. The event proceeding was composed of two parts, the first day earmarked for the Plenary Session which featured two keynote speakers and topic discussion.

The research conference aimed to enable researchers to discuss, share, and expand boundaries of knowledge and research interest by providing a venue for researchers of various disciplines. To learn and forge partnerships and collaborative agreements between and among/between resource speakers and participants. A showcase opportunity and an exhibit of organizational practices.

Research Partners were invited to speak and give their message for the activity. One of the honored guests was Dr. Jeswani Saket, a professor at OP Jindal University, Institute of Management in Sambalpur, Raighar and Dr. Felix C. Chavez, Jr., Proponent of the FCJ Professional Research and Consultation. Dr. Natividad G. Ocon, OIC – Superintendent of the Department of Education (DepEd), Kidapawan City.

During the plenary session, the first keynote speaker was Dr. Basheer Hussein Motawe Altarturi, Assistant Professor at the School of Management and Finance, Hebron University in Palestine, who presented and discussed the topic on “Methodological Challenges and Relevant Approaches in the New Normal”. The second keynote speaker was Dr. Kamola Bayram, an Assistant Professor at KTO Karatay University, in Turkey, who presented and discussed the topic on “Recent Advances in Fostering Research Integrity”

The second day was designed for the breakout sessions which was a showcase of multidisciplinary researchers presented in an Oral Presentation. Different presenters, as well as participants, coming from different schools such as, the Universidad de Zamboanga, University of Immaculate Conception, University of Mindanao, Jose Maria College and faculty members from the Department of Education, presented researchers of multiple discipline. The clustering was mixed with at least 10-11 presenters per room. At the end of the presentation, Best Papers were determined by the Best Paper Awards Committee, with the following results:

Best Paper Awardees:


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