CMC & BEYOND Engagement in HICELLS 2024 International Conference

by | May 17, 2024 | News and Updates

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CMC & BEYOND Engagement in HICELLS 2024 International Conference

Central Mindanao Colleges (CMC) actively participated in the 3rd Hawaii International Conference on English Language and Literature Studies (HICELLS 2024) held at the Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao City, Philippines, on May 15-16, 2024. Represented by Katherine Mae Abayabay from the CMC Graduate School of Education and Communications Officer Erolle Linus T. Miranda, CMC showcased its commitment to educational advancement and scholarly discourse.

Supported by the CMC Graduate School of Education and the Center for International Affairs and Linkages (CIAL), their involvement emphasized the significance of such engagements for academic growth. The conference theme, “Innovations in Language and Literature Pedagogy: Navigating Multiliteracies for Effective Teaching and Learning,” highlighted the latest advancements in language education.

Through HICELLS 2024, CMC aimed to enrich its academic standards and implement progressive methodologies, advancing global connections and enhancing teaching and learning in English language and literature studies. This participation reflects CMC’s dedication to quality and excellence in education, reinforcing its commitment to advancing global connections, enriching academic discourse, and championing innovative practices.

Ms. Abayabay, a MAEd-English student, expressed excitement about the conference, I am thankful to our Dean Dr. Gemma N. Kintarar and CIAL Director Dr. Dela Cerna : “We are honored to take part in HICELLS 2024. This event offers us a unique opportunity to engage with global scholars, share insights, and bring back innovative practices to our institution. Through HICELLS 2024, we aim to advance our academic standards, broaden our perspectives, and implement forward-thinking methodologies that will benefit our CMCian community.”

As CMC continues to engage in such international platforms, it reinforces its dedication to advancing global connections, enriching academic discourse, and championing innovative practices that elevate teaching and learning standards in English language and literature studies.

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