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CMC GSE holds Qualitative Research Webinar

“Research is integral to other components of social change : education, organization, and action.” -Dr. Mina Ramirez

Addressing the challenge for researchers and thesis writers in completing a research paper is fraught with many challenges, both personal and professional. A lot of students struggle to complete qualitative research projects because they feel that the research itself is inherently disorganized and one needs logical and systematic thinking to complete a research paper.

Close to 185 participants took part in the webinar on Writing a Qualitative Research Phenomenological Approach held on November 24, 2022, via Zoom Cloud Meeting. The virtual session was organized by the CMC Graduate School Education, the College of Teacher Education, the Center for International Affairs and Linkages, and its school partners in Thailand.

The webinar highlighted its takeaways, the resource speaker clearly defined and described what phenomenology research is all about. Views on the Historical Perspective, Transpersonal: An added dimension, Philosophical Presuppositions, as an approach to the Study of Human and Social Sciences were also presented. Further, a clear representation of the difference between the Phenomenology and Positivistic Approaches to the Study of Human and Social Sciences, different Methods within phenomenological traditions, and lastly participants were able to have a grasp on writing Qualitative Research: The World Bank Qualitative Research as a Case in Point.

During the 3-hour session, the resource speaker Dr. Mina Ramirez pointed out, “There is a continuum in research in terms of its being qualitative, findings of quantitative research need to be explained and interpreted quantitively. In the measure that research delves into meaning systems in people, and in institutions and allows the subjects-objects of research to be co-researchers, to that extent will research use specifically human approaches and become more qualitative and transformative of both researchers and subject-objects of research. Considering the whole gamut of qualitative research, the highest degree of the qualitative nature of research is phenomenological studies.” she said.

Highlighting the theme: “A Transformative Way of Doing Research: An Existential Phenomenological Perspective”, gives the participants a better understanding of what phenomenology research is so that students may feel confident and competent in pursuing their goal to complete their manuscript. It is also a venue to understand what and how to write a qualitative research/phenomenological approach. Moreover, the partakers have learned key ideas and perspectives in phenomenology as a methodology.

“In my quest for my advocacy for social meaning, it is an effort to facilitate a better understanding of what phenomenology research is so that students may feel confident and competent in pursuing their goal to complete their manuscript. Research is integral to other components of social change: education, organization, and action.” Ramirez adds.

Resource Speaker Dr. Mina Ramirez is the President of the Asian Social Institute and a Founding member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences of the Vatican. Her passion has always been total human development and she has devoted her life to research, teaching, writing, advocating, and actively promoting, propagating, and organizing all over the Philippines. In 1981, she added to her arsenal of intellectual disciplines the science of Organization Development earning her Doctorate in OD from the Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Development Institute.

(Erolle Linus T. Miranda, Institutional

Marketing and Communications Officer)

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