ICYMI | CMC CTE’s Excellent Feats on Domini Canis Debate Cup 2022

by | Nov 23, 2023 | CTE Exponent

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In light of the celebration of United Nations Month, the CMC CTE debaters partook in the 2nd Domini Canis Debate Cup sponsored by San Pedro College, which was held via virtual platforms from the October 14-15, 2022.

As one of the invited colleges to join the event, the CMC CTE debating team composed of Peter Cedric Saver L. Mora, Kayla T. Casulla, and Christopher P. Pagabangan, seized the opportunity to raise the CMC banner with the guidance of their coach, Mr. Rico O. Soledad.

The institution believes that there is a necessity to establish an avenue for youth participation thus the event was open for Senior High Schools and Colleges in the Philippines.

With the theme: “End Racism. Build Peace.”, the SPC Speech Cup, in collaboration with the SPC Internationalization and Linkages Office targeted to give students an opportunity for healthy, meaningful, analytical, and purposeful discourse regarding socio-economic issues.

”We wanted to show to the world that we are able to engage in discourse that are analytical, logical and assertive. We also wanted to make CMC better known through our participation.” said one of the CMC CTE debaters. Indeed, they showed the world their individual capabilities where Kayla Casulla ranked 14th, Christopher Pagabangan ranked 19th, and Peter Mora ranked 20th out of 25 debaters. Raising the CMC flag to the 6th ranked out of 9 teams.

At the end, the CMC CTE debaters displayed excellence through and through.

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