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Published: 2022-03-23

Teacher’s Quest On Organizational Performance: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Teachers’ Quest Organizational Performance Phenomenology Region 12 Philippines


This phenomenological study determined the experiences of teachers in their quest to attain organizational performance. A total of 10 tertiary teachers have participated for in-depth interview and 7 for the focus group discussion. The narratives obtained during the interview were analyzed using the thematic analysis. The findings revealed that the lived experiences of participants pertaining to organizational performance include themes such as excellence in organizational performance for global standards and competitiveness, and well-defined organizational culture for prestigious school with community relevance and impact. Furthermore, the impact of experiences in the shaping of attitude and commitment in attaining better organizational performance include aspects such as benevolence through innovative leadership and creative and innovative service as expressions of gratitude. In addition both quantitative and qualitative findings manifest converging and parallel results.