The Office of the CMC Health Services is a school-based health center that promotes the comprehensive health and wellness of the CMC community by :

A.   CREATING a healthy and safe environment through quality health services and relevant health programs.

B. RECOGNIZING the cultural diversity of our stakeholders. The coordinated school health program are carried out in partnership with students and in collaboration with other student-centered offices of Central Mindanao Colleges.

C. COMMITTED to deliver timely, quality and appropriate health care through health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration and disease prevention. 



a.     TO ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN a satisfying relationship with our stakeholders by assuring an access of CMCians to primary health care.

b.     TO MAINTAIN a system of operation that can assure delivery of quality care especially when dealing with crisis medical situations.

c.     TO PROMOTE a healthy school environment that is conducive to learning, support individual and family differences, and promote personal growth, wellness, and health relationships under the new normal.

d.     TO SUSTAIN AND ESTABLISH linkages to community providers to strengthen referrals, case management and support health activities despite the pandemic.

e.     TO CONTINUE the active involvement and support of parents/caregivers to ensure that health related messages are consistent at home under the new normal.

f.       TO SUPPORT AND ENHANCE school health services that provide preventive services, education, emergency care, and management of health conditions under the new normal.

g.     TO PROVIDE a system for identifying and responding to students’ health concerns and problems. Provide a system of evaluation of the effectiveness of the school health program.

HEALTH EDUCATION is carried out on every individual encounter as well as through trainings, workshops and multi-media use. 




To facilitate the implementation and establishment of the provisions for the Safety, Security and Health Measures in mitigating and preventing the COVID19 contagion, during the modified school operation, the following standards and guidelines shall be observed:


The Gate of Knowledge (employee gate) shall serve as the ONLY entry point. Upon entry, a Security Guard shall initiate screening and validation procedure.

Disallowed Entries:

1.    Persons with no proper passes, authorization and identification;

2.    Persons with visible signs of sickness;

3.    Persons with no proper face mask / shield or any Personal Protective Equipment.


For the College Campus

The second gate (Single Person gate, garage) shall serve as the ONLY exit point. No person shall be allowed to use the second gate for entry.

Queuing and Waiting Area

The Student Activity Center (SAC) shall be used as the waiting area. The Special Working Group (SWG) shall provide and implement queuing and movement designs with the use of markers and seating arrangements. The SWG must ensure that social distancing is observed with at least a 1.5 meter gap between persons from all direction.

In the event that the SAC reaches maximum capacity, a single queuing line shall extend from the pathway up to building 9 room 6.

C. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All students , visitors and employees shall provide their own PPE when entering school premises. The school shall also provide available standard protective equipment and disinfecting solutions to supplement student/employee needs for protection.

All employees must ensure to periodically disinfect all transaction surfaces, machineries and equipment aside from the routine disinfection by the SWG / security personnel.





OFFICE SCHEDULE:  Mondays to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Access for online concerns: FB Page : CMC Health Services>