Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) is a four-year undergraduate program introduced in the 2018 curriculum which aims to prepare aspiring teachers who specialize in delivering and managing instruction, assessment, and research in physical literacy. Specifically, the program aims to develop highly competent physical education (P.E.) teacher-researchers equipped with disciplinary knowledge on physical education and allied sciences who design curricular choices and plans that aim at achieving learners’ competency and proficiency in the movement to meet their functional and health requirements.

BPEd is a boarding program that provides meaningful learning experiences through student-centered learning paradigms and approaches and culminates through a practice-teaching internship. The program consists of 2,697 hours of course work and 408 hours of field study and internship combined.



• Apply scientific and evidence-based practices critical to the educational and learning processes;

• Formulate concepts and theories in physical education through practice-based inquiry in teaching and learning;

• Demonstrate skillful performance in a variety of Physical Activities;

• Apply performance to a variety of physical activities in school and non-school settings.

• Design effective physical activity programs to address the needs of individuals and groups in school and non-school settings.

• Value the use of information, media, and technology in teaching and learning physical education.

• Practice professional ethics in teaching and managing physical education through a practicum.

• Develop concepts, theories, and practices in physical education using different forms of communication and technology-based platform.



• Licensed Professional Teacher who can teach P.E. in:
Primary, Elementary, High school, and College

• Dance and Sports club Moderator/coaches

• School-based Sports Program and Events Moderator/coordinator



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