CMC Ranks 143rd in Webometrics

Central Mindanao Colleges (CMC), located in Kidapawan City, is one of the region’s leading higher education institutions. In recent Webometrics rankings, as it ranks 143rd in the January 2023 edition of Webometrics Ranking of Philippine Universities.

Webometric Rankings seek to promote web publication by assisting open access initiatives and providing digital access to scientific publications and other academic materials. They claim to have broader coverage than other similar rankings since they focus on research results and other indicators that may reflect the better qualities of global scholars and research institutions worldwide. It is considered the most significant academic ranking of higher education institutions (HEIs), with performance analysis even at the country level. Now in its 20th year of publication, this ranking system includes more than 31,000 universities and colleges worldwide. This offers independent, objective, and open scientific exercises for reliable, up-to-date, multidimensional, and valuable information for the web ranking performance of schools, colleges, and universities worldwide every six months.

Webometrics has three key indicators: visibility, openness/transparency, and excellence. Among these three measures, CMC performs best in the openness rank with a worldwide ranking of 6,547, followed by excellence rank at 7,206 and impact rank of 15,197.

This nascent achievement of the school was primarily attributed to the number of published CMCians’ activities, and the increase in web content brought about by the continued publication of articles and featured stories on the CMC website.

In the context of education in the Philippines, webometrics can be significant in several ways: Evaluating University Rankings: Webometrics can be used to evaluate the online presence and impact of universities in the Philippines and rank them accordingly.

This can help students and stakeholders make informed decisions about which institutions to attend or collaborate with; Improving Online Visibility: Webometrics can provide insights into areas where universities in the Philippines need to improve their online presence, such as increasing the number of published articles or improving the structure of their websites.

Measuring Research Impact: Webometrics can be used to measure the impact and visibility of research produced by universities in the Philippines, providing valuable information for researchers, institutions, and funders.; Improving Collaboration Opportunities; Webometrics can assist universities in the Philippines in identifying potential collaboration partners and improving their online reputation, which can lead to increased opportunities for international collaboration.

Overall, webometrics can provide valuable insights for colleges and universities in the Philippines to improve their online presence and impact, and help them stay competitive in a global academic landscape.

CMC remains competent, persistent, and vigorous in nurturing a culture of excellence as it celebrates its semi-sesquicentennial jubilee year. It remains committed to continuing adhering to its founding NOBLE and BRILLIANT promise of providing accessible, affordable, and quality education for Young Filipinos.

(By Julienne Kate N. Kintanar,
Edited by Erolle Linus T. Miranda,
Institutional Marketing and Communications Officer)

CMC Alive at 75