Central Mindanao Colleges’ Psyche, in partnership with the Peer Facilitator’s Organization, recently concluded its first summer festival, Kasadya Sikolohiya, with the theme, “Amplifying Voices and Fostering Harmony through Student- Community Alliance.” This week-long festival was conducted from June 22 to July 1, 2022. The student-centered activity intends to provide a platform for CMC Psychology students to hone their talents while also immersing and opening

their minds to the complexities of social issues.


The event’s highlight was a Retreat and Team Building Activity which was held at Pep’z Recreation Center in Meohao, Kidapawan City. The students of the psychology department took part in playing various team-building activities for them to replenish their camaraderie and to be able to have a meaningful connection with their fellow students. In her message, Psychology Department Program Head Ms. Blessie Joy S. Balatico, MAGC, RGC, quipped, “As your program head, I hope this summer festival would be an avenue for everyone to be competent, upright, knowledgeable, productive, and socially aware individuals as you all immerse to the community as psychology students who embody respect for your fellowmen. “CMC Psyche also managed to conduct other activities, such as the virtual games: Retrato Ko, Hulaan Mo!, and LaraHula. They also have showcased their handcrafted merchandise on their PositiBooth. They also offered buyers and passersby free Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), in which they could know and understand their personalities.


Further, the CMC Psyche conducted student and community-centered activities such as ConSEEL, a social experiment to educate society by concealing our identity to open their eyes to the reality of the social issues we face that are extremely damaging to the individual’s mental health. This social experiment tackled LGBT Acceptance, Social Stereotypes, Values and Honesty, Social Issues, Suicide Awareness, and Body Shaming.


 (By Glydel Lynne O. Galiste, Edited by ELMiranda, ICMC)