CMC CIAL Participates USeP Info Session

Central Mindanao Colleges participates in the information-sharing session with the New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines, Hon. Peter Kell, hosted by its partner, HEI: University of Southeastern Philippines.

The sharing session is about the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship, which aims to help scholars experience world-class education in New Zealand to change and enrich their lives. The activity did not limit the mainstream internationalization of the academic population but also to indigenous individuals, who are often overlooked in the discussion of global and intercultural exchange.

CMC remains committed to its NOBLE and brilliant PROMISE to provide access to affordable and quality education, develop scholarship opportunities, and engage in responsive extension programs by forging partnerships and creating linkages to establish mutually beneficial endeavors that are current and relevant.

Design: ELTM | ICMC
Poster Credits: USEP

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