The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) of Central Mindanao Colleges performs supportive roles and within a wide range of student-related functions. The Office of Student Affairs leads, directs, and administers overall operations of Student Organizations.


The following are some of the specific services and responsibilities of the office: 

1. Administrative Advisory role to the Collegiate Supreme Student Council (CSSC) and Student Organizations. 


2. Facilitate student complaints and grievances in compliance with procedures for conflict resolution.


3. Facilitate communication and understanding of perspectives among the faculty, staff, students, and community.


4. Promote the “shared governance “concept with student involvement.


5. Enforces the Student Code of Conduct through the Student Disciplinary Policy.


6. Promote student involvement in campus life programs and activities to complement student educational experiences at Central Mindanao Colleges.


The Student Affairs and Services Office has varied programs extended to all students whose objectives are all directed to developing the student’s whole personality.


Among them are the following:




Student formation and development are the focal points of the Central Mindanao Colleges Student Development and Services programs and projects.

In realizing our Vision-Mission, Goals, and Values, we seriously consider the concept of student empowerment. We believe in the Philosophy that not everything is learned in the classroom.


In complementing the outcomes-based curriculum of our institution, the CMC Development Program aims to develop leadership vis-a-vis the managerial skills of students, making them more competitive in the world of professionals.

Moreover, our student development program is a holistic formation grounded in our CMCian values, which entails exposure of students in different areas of life such as spiritual, social, cultural, and political panorama, forming them as God-centered and responsible citizens.


Hence, the goals of our student formation programs are as follows:  

1To produce inner-directed students who are capable of responding to the challenges of student life;


2. To raise student leaders who are responsible, accountable, and innovative and can demonstrate genuine student empowerment;


3. To create a holistic environment suitable for the successful pursuit of and knowledge, training, and exposure towards professional competence;

4. To produce a student who is Christ-centered, agents are the Proactive catalysts of social transformation;


5. To have collaborative and meaningful partnerships with the Academic student formation;


6. To produce students who are active partners of CMC in responding to the call for corporate social responsibility by addressing the concerns on various social issues


7. To establish strong, active, and inter-dependent student service units that can efficiently and effectively respond to the spiritual, moral, social, psychological, and academic needs of the students





Central Mindanao Colleges takes pride in its program for student leaders. The program hones them into becoming empowered service-oriented student leaders. The Collegiate Supreme Student Council (CSSC) and Student Organizations officers’ capacity to bring student concerns to the Administrations manifest this program’s success in the spirit of dialogue and institutional solidarity. As a partner of the Office of Student Affairs and Services, it has been the dynamic arm in sharing leadership concepts to the youth, in and outside of the school. 


The Office of Student Affairs and Services supervises and regulates the operation of all the duly recognized accredited student organizations. Their constitution and by-laws govern student Organizations following the policies of Central Mindanao Colleges. They may be classified as accredited or recognized. A recognized status is given to a newly formed organization, which has complied with all the requirements for recognition. On the other hand, the exact status may be provided to an organization whose performance during the previous year did not merit the accredited status. An organization that does not earn the accredited status for the second time will be automatically considered inactive.


To teach student leaders independence while inculcating a sense of accountability, all organizations are required to submit their documentation and financial statements of all accomplished projects and programs to the Office of Student Affairs and Services.



Within the first two weeks after classes have officially begun, the Student Affairs and Services Office conduct Orientation Convocation for every College. This helps new students be familiar with the philosophy, vision, mission of the school, the institutional rules, policies and regulations, the school facilities, the administrators, faculty and staff, school activities, clubs and organization, career guidance, student services, and other information.


The Orientation Convocation Program is a collaborative work between the academic and non-academic units of the CMC, which aims to orient students about the CMCian way of life and facilitate their integration into the CMC Culture. 


The orientation program is divided into three components:


  • Institutional Orientation
  • Departmental Orientation
  • Classroom Orientation


This service provides students all available information regarding educational, occupational, and vocational opportunities the school offers. Most of the data is disseminated through bulletin boards, social media platforms, and websites.